The Whole Man
Change and Creativity Coach

I have been studying the human experience my whole life; From studying Buddhist Arts and Sciences with Tibetan monks to climbing mountains throughout the world, from a masters in Body Centered Psychotherapy at a Buddhist University to raising two kids, from flying passengers on a tandem paraglider to coaching people through creative transformation. A lifelong love of supporting others joy meets with my passion for understanding what it means to be a Human, how we can optimize our lives and the sophisticated science behind that process.


I was introduced to Buddhism first by Peter Tadd as a 13 year old and then encouraged in High School by a Sufi leader Melvin Meyer (Wali Ali).

Studying with the monks of Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca NY, I had my first and foundational contact with the Tibetan Tradition and education.

I hold a Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University and a Coaching Certification. I have studied empowerment counseling and Motivational Interviewing.

I have trained and practiced in resolving traumatic memory, transforming developmental wounds and the interplay of these at the SensoriMotor Psychotherapy Institute.

I have started and maintained numerous men’s groups. Guiding men through the work of vulnerability, leadership, intimacy, power, and connection individually and in a group setting.

I have trained people in being allys to targeted groups, educated and trained individuals and groups in anti-oppression and facilitated personal and group transformation in areas of privilege, power and difference.

I have studied with many great teachers, I have had many great mentors:

H.H. The 14th Dalai LamaRobert Thurman, Michael Herrick, Kekuni Minton, Pat Ogden, Reo Leslie, The Woman at Safehouse Progressive Alliance for NonviolenceBruce Tift.

I am a certified XPT Coach and Personal Trainer

I hold an advanced Tandem Paraglider License 


Though you see my interest in Buddhism, I am not interested in pushing it on others. Quite the opposite, I expect and support YOU to find your path, wisdom, insight and action toward your fullest potential in life. Buddhism is not a religion in this context but a curriculum of growth I am engaged in.