The goal of coaching is to eliminate barriers, increase wisdom and attain skillful action; to enable you to live a more whole, nourishing, and deeply enjoyable life. Coaching uses awareness, insight, planning and action to empower you to live the life you want - in work, community, relationships, and spirit.

Coaching is unique. It is not therapy, as there is no 'diagnosis' as you work to better understand yourself, and likewise no prescribed 'treatment'. Instead, coaching unveils new ways to understand yourself and achieve your goals.

We meet regularly to find where you are, explore your hopes, define challenges, and to work towards your goals. Additionally, if you have a mental health provider such as a psychotherapist or psychiatrist, we can work within their recommendations to help catalyze your greatest health and well-being. All your information remains strictly confidential.


Open to anyone.

We work on envisioning your future, while developing the skills to attain it.

You learn how to dismantle your resistance, and to call on your inner resources and your surrounding community to achieve internal and external success.


Specialized for men.

As Men we have unique strengths and challenges. We move together on your path to becoming whole - your unique journey is both challenging and uplifting; gifts reside IN the path.

Bringing about 'The Whole Man' in you begins with cultivating new self-awareness: gaining insights about your present circumstances, reflecting on the positive and negative impacts of past choices, and exploring your desires or concerns about future change.

As clarity develops, we create a new model for decision making - with action-oriented practice, projects and accountability. You emerge from this process as transformed, 'whole' man.


For couples.

We work together to deepen your understanding of your partner’s reality, without attempting to agree on a single version of it. When each partner is able to not only accept the other’s experience, but have genuine curiosity, the relationship and intimacy will, ironically, deepen.

In focusing on another’s lived experience - what is actually heard, felt, seen, and experienced - both parties can be more fully aware of a shared reality, and learn to live in it together.

Reality always wins. Differences are strengths. Intimacy = closeness + seperation.