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Entering and exiting the Mens circle

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Men do not like being told what to do. But worse is not knowing what to do. We are acculturated to be strong and then demands to be vulnerable are required by family, work, and partners. We are educated to not cry and then shamed for not having feelings. In a mens group we find a new relationship to power, each other, our families and community. Through attention activities, clarification of experiences and each members needs, we forge a new relationship, in practice, with other men; here resolving damaging issues of addiction, rage, loneliness, insatiable desire and cyclic dissatisfaction. No man has left without having a deeply transformative experience and carrying a rich experience with them from such a group experience.


Yet LeaderFull

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The group shares leadership, each of us is in leadership as a central aspect of the group’s functioning. No one person has any institutional power over another in the group; albeit, we will bring in all the rank and power from their world. We revision the dynamics of leadership and voice, as it plays out in the circle of the group.

New paradigm Insight:

An Empowered, Feminist Man

Many men are being raised rejecting patriarchy and violence. But how do we really transform the deep rooted, mostly unconscious systems we have taken into our selves? No one is born an oppressor, and it is NOT the natural state of humans. We achieved this human life by being kind and considerate, by having a drive toward compassion and a mind that is extremely sensitive. We can and do change.