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Why Fire & Ice

Why Fire & Ice ?


There are so many benefits to doing

Fire and Ice.

Empowerment & the Power of the Mind.

Cardiovascular benefits.

Bonding, Team-Building.

Sleep, Recovery and Reset.


Engaging in the stress of getting in an ice bath has great benefits to reducing the impact of other stressors that aren’t in our control. The nervous system experiences the stress of cold shock and mitigates the response through our own intentions. This is in contrast to stress events that we did not control, and therefor is a novel, renegotiating event in the participant. Renegotiating here refers to the reality that we are engaging the event on purpose, as opposed to it being something that happens to us. Reenactment means we are just repeating an event of stress that once again may be overwhelming the system.

A long sauna session can be quite stressful on the body (albeit beneficial, hormetic stress). As a result, we release an opioid called dynorphin, which gives you a feeling of dysphoria. To compensate, the brain then increases the production and sensitivity of receptors for euphoric hormones like beta-endorphin. These changes are semi-permanent, meaning that people that use a sauna will actually be happier in everyday life

Studies have found that sauna use substantially increases norepinephrine levels, a hormone that increases focus and attention span. 2ND

The influence of whole body cryotherapy on mental health showed benefits and was positive.



Bonding, Team-Building.

The People in any given session of Fire and Ice report being so connected, developing friendships and deepening their relationship to people; this wether they are strangers, or have long-standing connections. It seems that the connection of time in sauna to talk and the shared vulnerability of getting in the ice, helps people both feel safe and ‘lower their guard’ to allow a kind of tribe building experience.

Sleep, Recovery and Reset.

There is nothing like the sleep you get after round of Fire & Ice.

Also, the ‘bliss’ state you access can last for hours and days.