Men’s Gatherings




The Purpose

Increasingly men are raised to reject patriarchy and violence. However, society delivers contradictory messages and we must now evolve the roles we are willing to challenge: men are educated to not cry, then shamed for not having feelings. They are told to be 'strong', simultaneously expected to be vulnerable and open in personal (and increasingly) in professional relationships. Men should be providers but get out of the way of others. Fix problems but not always have the answers. This list is long and complex; we all can relate to the nuance of an increasing need for equity and sophistication in ourselves, relationships, work and our communities.

This is an occasion for men to gather together - for us to find our challenges and push through them without force, for our wisdom and our experiences to manifest, for us to get a healthy dose of ourselves and witness other’s introspection. 

Our Men’s Groups provide space to explore these unique and significant challenges - space for us to contemplate together, to witness each other, to change, and to interact peacefully as a group and then bring that out, to our community.

The Process

Men do not like being told what to do, much worse is not knowing what to do.

The gatherings are designed around the wisdom of the individuals. Developing leadership from within the individual, we resolve cyclic dissatisfaction, loneliness, insatiable desire, addiction, rage, inaction, confusion, and so on.

The group shares leadership, each man is a leader; this being central to the group’s functioning. No one has institutional power over another; albeit, we bring in all the rank from our world. We revision the dynamics of leadership and voice, as it plays out in the circle of the group.

The result is a deeply rich and transformative experience, empowering us to be the men that we truly want to be. 


The Gathering

The group meets in a weekend retreats at the beautiful Estouteville Farm

-Balanced, Measured Practices built for any Man.

 -All exercises are simple and useful.

-Authority and participation reside in the participant.

-Growth comes from the individual’s experience.

-We resemble a tribe with each member as a beacon.

-Introverts and Extroverts will be at home

-Final cost based upon your own post event appraisal and budget.



weekend schedule

Day 1

9 am Arrival to Retreat Location

9:30 Introductions, Formation and Invocation

11 - 12 Breathing, Stress & Refuge

12 – 1 Lunch 

1-3 Leadership, Courage & Community

Ÿ  Personal Space         Ÿ Safety

Ÿ  Power                 Ÿ Vulnerability

3-6 pm Empowerment: Fire and Ice

6-7 pm Dinner

7 Bonfire until departure (stay late or leave early)


Day 2

9 am Arrival to Retreat Location

9:15 Letters to Men

9:30-12 pm Presence and Wisdom

Ÿ  Embodiment = Insight

Ÿ  Acting on Wisdom   Ÿ Living your values

12-1pm Lunch

1-4 pm Exvocation and Continuity