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Men's Gatherings

Men’s Gatherings

We are creating a Good space for men to gather.

We open a container for ourselves in connection to other men, to contemplate our positions in life, witness men, find commonality and difference, and to feel empowerment to be wise, engaged and at peace in our person and our community.

 This is an occasion for our wisdom and our experiences to manifest; to find our discomfort and push through without force, a place we can get a Healthy dose of ourselves and witness other’s introspection. 

-Balanced, Measured Practices built for any Man.

 -All exercises are simple and useful.

-Authority and participation reside in the participant.

-Growth comes from the individual’s experience.

-We resemble a tribe with each member as a beacon.

-Introverts and Extroverts will be at home

Fee based on your own post event appraisal and your budget, we want you to be there and support our work.

TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT Send $40 for Meals to Venmo OR PayPal links below (Venmo: wholebeinglive PayPal

Saturday, September 21

·      9 am Arrival at 5500 Estouteville Farm

·      9:30 - Introductions, Formation and INvocation

·      11 am - 12 pm Breathing, Stress & Refuge

·      12 – 1:30 pm Lunch 

·      1-3 Leadership, Courage & Community

Ÿ  Personal Space         Ÿ Safety

Ÿ  Power                 Ÿ Vulnerability

·      3-6 pm Empowerment: Fire and Ice

·      6-7 pm dinner ( Provided )

·      7 Bonfire until departure (stay late or leave early)

Saturday bring your own lunch, a Towel and change of clothes.

Sunday, September 22

·      9 am Arrival Ÿ9:15 Letters to Men

·      9:30-12 pm Presence and Wisdom

Ÿ  Embodiment = Insight

Ÿ  Acting on Wisdom   Ÿ Living within your values

·      12-1pm Lunch ( Provided )

·      1:30-4 pm EXvocation and Continuity