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The underlying reason for Fire & Ice is the fact that being exposed to intense heat and cold is actually phenomenally good for our bodies and our minds. This information is not new - for thousands of years, many cultures around the world have ancient traditions involving saunas and cold water baths. But, with modern science, we can prove that it is good for us, and understand why (see Why Fire & Ice). Ultimately, Fire & Ice is an empowering deep-dive into what it means to be human: to learn, to practice, to push yourself, to support others, and to feel alive.


Fire & Ice Workshops last between 2 to 2.5 hours. We begin the workshops by discussing types of physiological and psychological stress, and the relationship between the human stress response and respiration (breathing). Next, we teach breath-work techniques that give you the power to alter your stress response, by directly regulating your autonomic nervous system. Finally, we spend most of the workshop in the hot and cold environments, practicing the techniques and exploring new experiences - all with the support and guidance of a skilled coach.

What To Bring

All you need to participate:

  • bathing suit

  • towel

  • water bottle

  • snacks

  • change of clothes

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